Young Entrepreneurship Oscar Award 2020
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Dear Entrepreneurs,

Modern Breeze & The Success Door are presenting “Young Entrepreneurship Oscar 2020” to felicitate the work of Our Young Entrepreneurs.

We are glad to see your interest in competing for the run towards the prestigious golden trophy we proudly call Young Entrepreneurship Oscar 2020 . As the name suggests, it is an excellent honor to receive for anyone on account of their contribution to Entrepreneurship Field.

Here are the categories of the awards to be given at this year’s conduction.

Best Young Entrepreneur ( 1st/2nd/3rd)
Best Young Entrepreneurs Team (1st Position)

What’s “Young Entrepreneurship Oscar”?

It’s a prestigious award to be awarded to Young Brilliant Minds in respect to Entrepreneurship Field across the world. It’s a worldwide virtual award ceremony. This award ceremony is organised by Modern Breeze (India) & The Success Door (USA).

What’s the motive of this award?

The motive is to felicitate the work of Young Entrepreneurs and to pay our respects to them. This prestigious award is being organised to honour them.

How many days will it run?

Nomination process will go on for one month and posters will be shared for each selected nominee. We’ll have a panel of judges who will be there to select winners from the nominees. Also there will be Audience Choice Award that will be determined by conducting of voting poll.
So, the process to announce Our Winners might take around 60 days from the starting day of Nomination Process.

How to nominate for this Award?

For security reason, one has to complete Two Steps Registration-Verification process to nominate Entrepreneurship Work to get a chance to be a part of this journey.

  • Registration link has been shared with this post. Please fill up the required blanks.
  • Send the same details mentioned in the nomination form via email.

Rules of nominations:

  • Any entrepreneur from any country can apply for the nomination process. This is a worldwide virtual award.
  • Any Participant/ Team can apply for more than one project but that will be considered as a separate entry and has to fill the form separately for each submission.
  • The age group of Entrepreneurs must be 12-32 to participate in this nomination process.
  • The work to be nominated should be in a proper structure.
  • If you are running a start-up/business it’s easy for you to get nominated.
  • If you have a plan and it’s properly structured but not implemented yet you can still apply for nomination process. If the plan is good you will have a high chance to get nominated.
  • Nomination Process is free of cost.
  • We have Judges to select highly qualified & innovative plans/works for nomination.
  • The selected nominated Entrepreneurs will be informed through email.
  • The selected nominated Entrepreneurs/teams might be changed a little entry fee.
  • The further process will be informed to the selected participants via email.
  • The nomination process will go on for one month & the last date of submission is 16th October, 2020. The nomination proposal after 16/10/20 will not be accepted. The shutdown date of nomination process might be extended if it’s needed.

Our Offerings:-

This event is not only about winning but even the participation will help you a lot in terms of online presence and Promotion of your business. You might get a chance of having your desired investor.

  • We’ll feature each selected participant on an online magazine..
  • We’ll organize Interview. It can be online Talk Show on any of social media handles or written Interview on online news website.
  • We’ll promote you on Social media by making various posters.
  • Online promotion.
  • Your Business will be promoted by us.
  • E-Certificate will be provided to all selected participants.
  • Winners will be awarded with gift hampers.
  • Winners will be awarded the best book publishing deal for one book.

Registration For Young Entrepreneurship Oscar 2020

For security purpose, all participants have to register their projects for two times – 1) Nomination Form & 2) Email Submission.

Nomination Form Verification:

Selected Value: 1

Email Verification:

Send us the same details as of The Nomination Form through email at .

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