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Urmila Matondkar says why is it that actress Kangana Ranaut has issues with everyone from the Bollywood industry. She further adds that everybody has to go through their share of struggles in the industry

Urmila Matondkar questions Kangana Ranaut take on BollywoodUrmila Matondkar questions how Kangana Ranaut has a problem with everyone in industry; Everyone face struggles

Urmila Matondkar spoke to India Today for an interview. While speaking during the interview, Urmila questions how actress Kangana Ranaut has a problem with everyone in the film industry. Urmila Matondkar who had ventured into the political arena, says that she too has faced many hurdles when she entered the film industry. Urmila Matondkar does not mince words when she says that she also battled nepotism right from the year she made her debut in 1991. 

During her interview Urmila says that the other actresses who entered films in the same year as her, were someone”s daughters and nieces from the film background. But, that did not affect her as she was passionate about her work. Urmila Matondkar admits to being very proud of her work that she did in the Hindi film industry, and adds that I did not keep raving and ranting about the things that she felt were wrongly done in the film industry. The actress was also quizzed about the truth with respect to the drugs being used in the Bollywood industry. 

Urmila Matondkar responds back quickly, by saying that there could be some people from the film industry who do drugs, and this goes for every other industry in the world. She says all those who are using drugs and are associated with the Bollywood industry, actions have to be taken against them and they have to be called out. Urmila Matondkar states that the entire nation is waiting to hear from Kangana Ranaut about the names that she claims she knows about the people who use drugs from the Bollywood industry.

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