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The third book in the Spooky Halls series moves towards the characters learning all there is to know about the magic that resides in the forest. Our characters come face to face with the man who they believe led them to this forest in the first place. Only this man was presumed dead for decades. Once they learn the Younger Blood Brother’s true agenda. The fate of the forest and their world beyond the forest rests in our main character’s hands.

Will they be able to stop the younger Blood Brother from going through with his plan?

The main characters, Jessica, Marvin, and Ash, learn new secrets about themselves, and the abilities that they foster are discovered.

The forest is divided into two sides; a war is waged between the creatures, and Jessica, Marvin, Ash, and Julian seem to be right in the middle of the chaos; they seem to be completely doomed until they stumble upon an unlikely ally. With this new character by their side, will they finally bring peace into the forest, and will they protect their world from destruction?

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