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Overlapping edges by Rishika Rathore

“Core of my heart,
is being destroyed by you.
Your fiddling is second form,
of reckless storm to me
but you ignore it as a part of you.”


Overlapping edges is a beautifully illustrated creation by Author Rishika Rathore which is not only eye-catching but also impactful. The book consists of love, loss, trauma, multiple emotions, surprises, and so on. It’s not possible to pick any particular favorite poem among all as each and every poem has a strong hidden meaning itself which impressed me.

Rhythm always plays a vital role in the poem of course and Author Rishika has done a mindblowing job in this segment. Right words have been used very brilliantly to keep it rhythmic and meaningful at the same time. Some words were unknown to me but it helps with vocabulary skill. I love her writing style and the kind of messages she tries to convey through her creative poems. “A tale of destruction”, “I imagined” and “Complexities” have my heart, definitely.

The cover of the book is so pretty and attractive as well as the title “Overlapping edges”. If you are a poem lover, this book is for you indeed. I am assuring you will love it and it ll remain with you forever. And if you are not so comfortable with “poem”, it’s better to avoid this book as it needs love to know the zest of poems Author Rishika has written.

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