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I might be an artist who would like to introduce himself and his work here or maybe I’m a business with a mission to describe.

Arpan Ghosh

Welcome to my Blog/Website.

This is Arpan Ghosh , a Blogger , Book Reviewer, Movie Reviewer, Content Writer and interviewer .

I’m a very enthusiastic , open minded and a person with good sense of humour  . Reading books, watching movies and interviewing are my hobbies .

I’m fond of travelling and believe writing is a way of expression for the language of not only mind , but heart too! I’m one of those writers who have the need of writing just as much oxygen .

Now, I’m working as Publishing Head of Flipping Pages. I do give consulting services to authors regarding book marketing and advertising and book publishing.

I do work as a freelance PR. I do guide people and help them to choose the right platform to feature their works.

On the other hand, I’m a freelance digital marketer and affiliate marketer. I’m very fond of learning new lessons each and every day and try to explore my own world. I believe there’s no age of learning new skills. Knowledge is the powerful weapon of this world.

Operation Head

Shreyasi Basu

She’s Shreyasi Basu. She’s very fond of reading books and writing content. She’s a renowned book critic and Instagram Influencer.

Shreyasi loves to explore herself. Traveling in different places gives her oxygen. She loves to travel and explore new places very much that makes her a travel blogger.

On the other hand, She’s a movie reviewer, SEO specialist and interviewer.

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