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Pranutan Bahl as firdous Quadri

Zaheer Iqbal as kabirkaul

Farhana Bhat as a dolly

Muazzam Bhat as Junaid

Mir Sarwar as yakub

Mir Mohammed as Imran

Adiba bhat as dua

Mir Mehrooz as Imran

Mozim Bhat as Junaid

Mir zayaan as Tariq

Baba Hatim as Waqar

Soliha maqbool as shama

Kosar chandpuri as young yakub

Saniya mirza as pregnant girl

Mallik mushtaq as junaid’ father

Ahmed as young kabir


Notebook movie is released on 29 March 2019 in India. This movie is in the Hindi language.

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Director- Nitin Kakkar

Producer- Salman Khan

                  Murad Khetani 

                  Ashwin Varde

Written by- screenplay- Darab Farooqui

Dialogues – Payal Ashar and Sharib Hashmi

Based on – The teacher’s diary by Nithiwat Tharathorn

Starring- Zaheer Iqbal and Pranutan Bahl

Music- Vishal Mishra

Cinematography – Manoj Kumar Khatoi

Edited by- Sachindra Vats

Production company- Salman Khan films and cine 1 studios


Notebook movie IMDb rating is 6.9/10


You can watch a “notebook” trailer on amazon prime and youtube. By using this link you can watch notebook trailer on youtube:-


Notebook movie is available on amazon prime. You can watch this movie here or you can download a notebook movie from Google. There are several sites from there you can download this movie. But I recommend you to watch this movie on amazon prime, the picture quality is best there.  to watch this movie on amazon prime you have to subscribe to amazon prime. Then you have to purchase an amazon prime subscription plan.


A notebook is a romantic drama Hindi movie directed by Nitin Kakkar. It’s released on 29 march 2019 on amazon prime videos and cinemas. It’s Salman Khan, Murad and Ashwin production film. Cinematography, editing, sounds, and background music all are heat touching and good in this film. The movie is based on the teacher’s dairy at Kashmir valley school which is in wular public school.

You can find love in the most unexpected places and situations. That’s what happens to Kabir when he takes up the job to teach at a remote house-boat school in Kashmir. He discovers a notebook that the previous teacher, Firdous used as her diary and he falls in love with her emotions and passions. Featuring a truly innovative concept, Notebook is a film for die-hard romantics. But even devout fans of the genre will agree that the film doesn’t do enough with its basic premise. The one-line narrative is interesting, but the screenplay fails to do anything more.

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An adaptation of the Thai drama ‘The Teacher’s Diary’ (2014), Notebook makes good use of the talents of its newcomers Zaheer Iqbal and Pranutan Bahl. The freshness of the lead pair and the exotic Kashmiri setting add visual appeal to the movie. The unusual story of falling in love with someone you’ve never met holds intrigue for most of the run time, too. But the movie takes a little too much time to set things up. The young couple doesn’t meet until the climactic portions of the film and once the high-drama kicks in it feel too little, too late. The writing by Darab Farooqi, Payal Ashar, and Sharib Hashmi manages to sneak in social themes around the Kashmiri youth, and that’s a definite positive. But, neither the screenplay nor the dialogues can heighten the drama to requisite levels.

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The highlights of ‘Notebook’ are the cinematography by Manoj Kumar Khatoi and the performances by Zaheer and Pranutan. Between the mesmerizing visuals of Kashmir and an ethereal lake, are the two newcomers, who give their heart and soul to the characters. They have little screen time together, so their chemistry isn’t able to make an impact, but both actors show promise. Director Nitin Kakkar, who’s made ‘Filmistaan’ and ‘Mitron’ in the past, isn’t able to flesh out the complete potential of the story at hand. The Kashmiri music by composer Vishal Mishra is pleasing but the songs haven’t been used to the required effect.

‘Notebook’ is an easy watch where you can appreciate the humor, drama, and romance. But the film leaves you wanting more. Perhaps with more creativity in writing, this young romantic saga could have achieved more.


Captain Kabir Kaul, a young retired army officer, decides to teach in his late father’s school, the Wular Public School as the school will be closed if there is no teacher to teach. At the school, he finds a diary left behind in the desk drawer by the previous teacher, Firdaus Quadri. Children start coming to school after learning that a new teacher has arrived. However, they disobey Kabir, leading him to think that he cannot teach, but after reading Firdaus’s diary, he gains confidence and decides to try.

Kabir experiences a breakup with his girlfriend, who is having an affair and believes that Kabir is now unfit to marry her as he has left the army. He is heartbroken but takes solace in the schoolchildren and Firdaus’s diary, writing comments in it. He learns about Imran, one of the schoolchildren, whose father, Yakub, wants him to help in the household rather than attending school. Using help from the diary, Kabir succeeds in bringing Imran back to school. He decides to burn Firdaus’s diary after learning she is getting married but retrieves it in a fit of epiphany.

On her wedding day, Firdaus finds out that her fiance was cheating on her and the other woman is carrying his child. She calls off the marriage and returns to Wular Public School. The children are overjoyed to have her back though Kabir is gone. She finds her diary in the same drawer she had left it in a year before and reads Kabir’s comments. He had written that he was in love with the writer and had learned valuable lessons from her diary. Curious, Firdaus asks the principal about Kabir the same way he had asked about her. The principal tells her that he has gone to take a teaching course.

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One day, Firdaus confronts Yakub, who wants to take Imran back. Imran sees Kabir and runs to him, saying he doesn’t want to leave the school. Yakub threatens Kabir with a gun and Imran, realizing Yakub might kill Kabir, takes the gun to shoot his father. Kabir stops him, asking him not to do so. Yakub realizes his mistake and lets go of the matter. In the end, it is shown that Firdaus sent the children back home so that she can talk and spend time with Kabir with whom she has fallen in love and got married recently.

The running time of the notebook movie is 112 minutes. The budget for this movie is 15crore.

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