Benefits Of Keyword Research & Analysis
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What is Keyword?

What is Keyword
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“Keyword” – the term is split into two parts ‘Key’ & ‘Word’.

The focusing words or targeting words in the content are known as Keywords.

It means those words in the content are the key to get success.

Here, ‘Success’ means you can make your readers understand about the topic. As a result, your content can reach to a maximum number of readers.

On the other hand, you can attract your viewers or readers by your keywords in the content to visit your website and read your content.

The term keyword describes that it is a significant word or a word used to find information while researching. It describes the content on our blogs.

It is useful when people search for a particular word or keyword on Google or other search engine portals, they will find our content of the blog post. Through this, our followers will increase. Keywords are important because it targets a particular audience.

It is a search term, which is used by a website owner or SEO professionals to optimize their website to make it a top-ranking of Google research.

Anything which is searched on Google or search engine whether it is a single word or a long-phrase is containing a keyword.

How to do keyword research?

How to do Keyword Research
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  1. Determine your topic.
  2. Target your audience.
  3. Search the topic on Google.
  4. Find your competitors.
  5. Select your competitor’s URL.
  6. Copy the URL.
  7. Paste it on any keyword research tool.
  8. Analysis the URL.
  9. Explore high search Volume organic keywords.
  10. Choose low difficulty keywords.

Determine your topic:

In this section, you have to think of what topic you are going to explore. You have to decide a particular topic on a particular niche to write.

Ex:- My topic of this content is “Keyword Research”.

Target your audience:

Once you decide your topic and niche, you will easily get to know about your target audience. To whom, you are going to target through this article.

If you don’t understand who is your target audience it means you are unable to determine your niche of the topic.

Ex:- My target audience is “Aspiring content writers or bloggers”.

Search on Google:

You have to search your topic on Google to understand your competitors.

Ex:- I searched “Keyword Research” on Google.

Learn about Keyword Research
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Find Your competitors:

Once you search the topic on Google, all search results will come in front to you. Google will help you to find out your competitors.

Google will show you a list of your competitors’blog posts related to your topic.

Ex:- I got a list of blog posts related to my topic on Google.

Select your competitor’s URL:

Now, you have to select the first four blogs on Google 1st page. You have to copy one by one blog URL and paste those URLs to your keyword research tool.

URL Analysis:

Once you copy one URL and paste it on your keyword research tool for analysis, it will show you result.

This result will help you to understand unique informations related to your keyword.

It will show you organic keywords. You will get several organic keywords of that blog post.

You will get to know about all keywords of the particular blog post.

Even, you can easily understand the search Volume of each keywords and keyword difficulty.

You have to choose only those organic keywords that have low competition. It means keyword difficulty will be very low.

The keyword research tool will help you to understand what are the low competition keywords.

It will help you understand on which particular keyword the blog post is ranking high and on which keyword the blog post is ranking low.

You have to be wise while choosing your keywords.

Remember, low competition or low keyword difficulty but above 100 search volume keywords are the best.

Benefits Of Keyword Research

Benefits Of Keyword Research & Analysis
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Using keywords plays a vital role to explore our business, blog, article, content, and website worldwide.

It is our strategy. It creates a battle among our competitors.

Through the help of keywords, we can give good competition to our rivals by increasing our traffic.

Good keywords selection can bring your website at the top rank of the search engine.

When the ranking of our website gets to explore, it becomes your website strength which creates your more competitors.

The main qualities of keywords include

  • Search volume
  • Competition
  • Cost Per Click
  • Word count

Search Volume should not be zero or less than 100. The more the search Volume is,the more the keyword is strong for ranking.

You should choose low difficulty keywords or low competition keywords. The lowest competition keywords will help your content to capture the market in the particular field.

Cost Per Click is also important. But it changes time to time. If you see there’s no CPC on a particular keyword for this month, it can get high CPC after two months.

Long tail keyword is the best to get high rank. In long tail keyword, there are more than two words. It’s highly recommended to choose long tail keyword.

Some Recommended Keyword Research Tools:-

Three Important Types of Keywords:

I’d like to discuss here about Three Important Types Of Keyword.

  • Short Tail Keyword
  • Mid-Tail Keyword
  • Long Tail Keyword

Short Tail Keyword:-

The one word Keyword is known as Short Tail Keyword.

Ex:- “Keyword” is a Short Tail Keyword for this content.

Mid-Tail Keyword:-

The two-words Keyword is known as Mid-Tail Keyword.

Ex:- “Keyword Research” is a Mid-Tail Keyword for this content.

Long Tail Keyword:-

The Keyword containing more than two words is known as Long Tail Keyword.

Ex:- “How To Do Keyword Research” is a Long Tail Keyword for this content.

Using keywords in the content

Using Keywords in the content
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Mostly fresher’s are suffering from this problem that how could search know about keywords? Or how can we make our content or website at the top of Google? It’s natural everyone thinks about it.

The search engine crawls around every website looking for repeated words and phrases.

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Sometimes, it looks around how much we relate one word again and again. Our keywords suggest it or give clues to search engines about the topic present on our website or blog.

It is necessary to know ever aspiring one to use similar keywords many times in their content through its search engine get to know about your website and show your website on the top when anyone searches about that related topic.

But always remember never mention too few keywords in content it leaves to think search engine that you are a spammer.

To be safe, primarily you create your content which is unique from other users. Then apply SEO copyright guidelines. In SEO copyright it is necessary to use our keywords both in head and in the body section of the page.

There are some SEO tips which you have to remember:

  • Headings
  • First word
  • Body text
  • Clarifying words
  • Images
  • Links
  • Title tag

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