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JASMINE BUILDS ON SHIFTING SANDS by author Sanjay Desai is undoubtedly an amazing creation. That is not only a unique blow but also a very impactful read. I can’t categorize the genre of this story into fiction or nonfiction as this is the most unique fictional story with non-fictional zest.

The book revolves around our protagonist Jasmine’s journey and phases of her life. Jasmine belongs to a middle-class family and she wanted to complete her master’s degree to stand in life with a job. But of course! We dream something, destiny makes a path for something else. Jasmine’s fate was not exceptional in this case and she took a forward step for the model industry!

The author’s writing style is very familiar but the beginning of the story was very slow-pace or me. Though some stories take time to pick up the gear when it does, it became the best ever. This story is not exceptional from that. So, as expected afterward, it became very engaging and interesting as well. The characters and sub-characters are very well developed. All characters are very deep and have an important place in themselves.

The plot is very intriguing as I have already mentioned. Many of us can relate our life with Jasmine’s journey and that is admirable. This is a very motivational story for me because of woman lead plot. While reading, in every chapter I thought ‘oh! That’s me….that’s my things and stories’! It was really very satisfying for me.

This story is very significant about how one’s life can change within a night, how destiny plays with us, and how we should manage! The author’s work is appreciating, the way he has enclosed a woman’s struggle is really mindblowing.
The story Consists of decision, experience, friendship, motivation, emotion, and so on. The cover is so pretty and the title has a connection with the story. Again, this is not random fiction or nonfiction as I found the out of box concept.

It was a good time with this book and Recommended indeed. If you are a beginner of this genre or you want something different from regular concepts, this book is definitely for you. As the story is kind of motivational too, you can pick it for getting out of a reading slump. Again, it was a great time with this book and I will wait for the next book of Author Sanjay.



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