Trần huyền Thanh
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India is a place with so much mystery

– Trần huyền Thanh

How A Foreigner Falls In Love With India?

Facebook is a vast platform for anything. One can get information from here, can contact through it, can market product, buy and sell products, etc.

Facebook is the most used platform across the world by all kinds of people. It’s easy to handle. One can easily operate.

That day as usual I was scrolling down the Facebook home page. I am added to different communities on Facebook. Suddenly, I noticed a post published in a travel community.

It’s interesting. I liked it. That’s why I tried to contact the person who wrote it. And, I succeeded.

When I first contacted her it was dinner time. Still, she managed her time to talk to me. The conversation was going on Messenger.

I got to know She’s a traveler. She loves to travel. And, she is in India.

As she’s busy with her dinner I thought not to disturb her more at this time.

We discussed to talk the next day.

The Next Day,

It was around 11:00 AM. I pinged her again and she replied. She’s very gentle and polite.

Oh shit! I forgot to tell her name. Her name is Trần huyền Thanh and she is from Vietnam.

Trần huyền Thanh
Trần huyền Thanh

She looks gorgeous like a fairy. She is so charming that one cannot look back from her. Positivity is in her smile.

She has a family in India. She has visited India around 8 times. Her boyfriend belongs to India.

Trần huyền Thanh with her Boyfriend in India
Trần huyền Thanh With Her Boyfriend In India

” It was my boyfriend’s family, I was constantly moving between Vietnam and India.”

– Trần huyền Thanh

That time she visited Ahmadabad & Kolkata. I got to know she’s in Kolkata at that time. So, I was excited to know her reaction to Kolkata.

“Haha City of happiness? I love this place so much.”

– Trần huyền Thanh

Trần huyền Thanh runs a business in Vietnam. It’s her family business.

I realized she loves India very much. Her view of India is truly different and appreciable. I loved it.

She had been able to enter the depth and her insight was clear. We all except such kinds of views from Our Guests.

“I like Indian people, enthusiasm, family love, the way they behave, and hard-working. The press in my country says that India is a dirty and uncivilized country! But in my opinion, Indians are very intelligent and developed.”

– Trần huyền Thanh

She informed me that she would love to stay here in this country. But she belongs to Vietnam and she has business there.

“I am very happy but I still have a lot of work in Vietnam so I can only see it as a second home.”

– Trần huyền Thanh

She visited 3 cities in India – Ahmedabad, Kolkata, and Delhi. Though each city has its charm, she still prefers Ahmedabad mostly as it is almost similar to Vietnam.

Trần huyền Thanh In India
Trần huyền Thanh In India

Trần huyền Thanh is a very difficult person to eat, so she almost does not have any special feeling when eating Indian food! But she likes all kinds of dessert cakes.

I was flattered by her message. Her view on India and her message could make anyone think and understand the depth of this country.

“I just want you to change the world view of your country by promoting more information because most countries think India is a dangerous country for women.”

– Trần huyền Thanh

In her words, she has a strong feeling for India. We should respect her and salute her for such kind of gesture.

She has not visited yet “Taj Mahal”. She has a deep feeling for it. But she didn’t get a chance to visit there.

Trần huyền Thanh while traveling in India
Trần huyền Thanh While Traveling In India

She also gives a political view of India in comparison with other countries.

“Your country is free to discuss and not restrained by the government. But most of Asia and even Vietnam we are brainwashed and only worship our country, otherwise, it will be considered reactionary! History and press up till now nobody knows what is 100% true.”

– Trần huyền Thanh

According to her, India is A place with so much mystery.

After getting her views on our country, we should feel proud as Indians. We need to do more modifications regarding services and facilities for our guests who are traveling to our country so that they can promote us in their countries.

We should not forget our culture and tradition.

Atithi Devo Bhava – “The guest is equivalent to God”.

It’s our culture.

Let’s make our country more popular in International Level. We should not give a chance our guests to make a complaint against their hospitalities.

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