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What is a blog post?

A blog post means a written content on a blog. Whatever content you write on a blog is known as a blog post.

Suppose, You have a blog/website. You are a book critic/ book reviewer. You write content only related to books. And, you post on your website. It’s also a blog post.

You are a movie reviewer/movie critic. You write content only related to the movie. And, you post those contents on your website. It’s a blog post.

You are running a news site. You are posting news content there. It’s a blog post.

Moreover, the content or article of any site that you find by searching Google is a blog post.

What is a blog?

Any website that is used for writing any type of content or article is known as a blog.

A company website can be a blog if it contains articles.

You have a website. You write any type of content there. The website turns into a blog.

Every blog is a website but every website is not a blog.

Do remember, several websites are only made for providing services. You can’t call them a blog.

A blog post contains an informative content. This content helps readers to clear their doubts on any particular topic.

It also helps readers to make them understand about a topic.

Google is nothing without a blog. We think that Google provides us all information.

It’s not like that. Google doesn’t do anything. Blog provides us informations.

Google is only a platform where all blogs are together. It’s like a get together for blogs.

Blog Vs Google is a controversial topic. If you want you can research on it and write an article on it. It may viral.

How to write a blog post?

How to write a blog post
Modern Breeze
  1. Go to your website dashboard.
  2. Click on New Post.
  3. Add an interesting title.
  4. Write the content.
  5. Add images inside the content.
  6. Use tags.
  7. Put featured image.
  8. Determine the category.
  9. Publish your blog post.

How to publish your first blog post?

Dashboard of your site
Modern Breeze

First, sign in and go to your website dashboard. You will find many options there. You have to choose only the “New Post” option. Click there.

Don’t worry if you are a beginner. It’s a very easy process.

How to add a new post

Second, click on “New Post”. You will find an option called ‘Post’. Click on it. You will notice the “Add New Post” option. Click on it. A new tab will open.

How to write a blog post

Third, In the new tab, you will find a whole page for writing. Go to “Add Title”. Place your Title of the article there.

Add text or write blog post

Fourth, Start Writing on there or you can copy-paste your written article on there.

Copy-paste in the sense, you can write your article on a doc file/ms word or notepad. Then, copy the article and paste it to your blog.

How to add images on blog post

Fifth, Go to the block section. You will find the “+” option for WordPress. Click on it. You will see the “Add image” option. Click on it. Go to the media library or you can directly add an image by clicking on upload.

Add images

I’d suggest adding your image first to the Media library. Then post it on your blog. Upload images wherever you want in the content.

Add tags on blog post

Sixth, Click on setting. Scroll down. You will find “Add Tags”. Place your tags there.

How to add featured image on blog

Seventh, Down to “Add Tags”, you will find “Add Featured Image”. Put a feature image. It’ll be visible as Thumbnail Image.

How to add categories on blog post

Eight, Upward to “Add Tags”, you will see “Add Category”. Determine your category there. Put a tick on your suitable category. You can create a new category there.

How to Publish a blog post

Ninth, At the top, you will see the “Publish” option. Click on it. The blog post will be published.

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