Kuntala Banerjee With Modern Breeze
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“Blogging”- A word which was unknown to Kuntala Banerjee till one and a half year ago. Working in India’s topmost software firm for more than 20 years, she had a feeling of something missing inside her. Slowly she realized that she has become sort of a robot in this Corporate World. Being in a sales role, life was monotonous with minimal deviations or alterations.

Kuntala Banerjee With Modern Breeze
Kuntala Banerjee
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The Starting…

An unknown strength hovered around her to do something different. Something that will be her own. Travelling had been her passion and wanderlust had been her desire for long. Since childhood, she had the opportunity to visit different places in India with her parents. While studying for her Engineering Degree, Kuntala started venturing out with her close friends. The boundary was limited to India only.

My professional career started in Mumbai, the financial capital of India. I was privileged to be recruited by one of the prominent software firms in India. My first international travel opportunity was awarded by my company. Since then till now, travelling is now a core part of my life. Leisure travels, adventure travels and business travels constitute my wanderlust journeys.

– Kuntala Banerjee

The innumerable experiences have gathered until now motivated her to start her sole Travel Blog. She was first hesitant about whether she will be able to achieve her desires. Especially since she had a full-time job and a son to take care of. But then her inner zeal inspired her to go ahead.

Photography done by Kuntala Banerjee
This Photograph was clicked by Kuntala Banerjee while traveling

The Creation…

Finally on 29th May 2019, she created her website https://travelogueofkuntala.com. It was a moment of a great deal of enthusiasm for her. Her family supported her a lot. Many of her close friends asked her to go ahead. And she did go ahead.

For one year I have been penning down my Travel Experiences. I believe in Experiential Travelling. What I meant by is, visiting places not only for their historical and natural magnificence. But obtain knowledge of the traditions, customs, rituals, food habits, and tribes of the place. That eventually helps you to create a strong bonding with the place.

– Kuntala Banerjee

The Learnings…

Let’s discuss some interesting facts about her blog. She can talk about it for hours and write innumerable pages since it’s so close to her heart. But let’s focus on some important aspects of her website. Basically, these are her learnings which she wants to share to all aspiring bloggers.

How Kuntala Banerjee becomes a travel blogger
This beautiful photo was clicked by Kuntala Banerjee while exploring a new travel journey

Initially, she used to write about her experiences with her flow of words and ideas. Slowly she learned about SEO – Search Engine Optimization. She started to know more about using keywords in her writings.

For my fellow bloggers, SEO, as I have understood, is very vital and key success criteria. So even if you are passionate about writing, do take care of it from the beginning itself. Install SEO plugins for all the assistance and support. I use Yoast SEO and its superb.

– Kuntala Banerjee

Producing quality content articles are a must. She recommends reading more and more to pitch upon your vocabulary and play of words. Articulation of language is an art and has to be acquired. You must use grammar checking tools for editing your articles.

Write your experiences with passion and dedication. Do not be overwhelmed. Remember there are readers from all over the world. Simple concise sentences help them to grasp the idea behind your words. Talk about the intricate natural beauty or historic grandeur of a place. Travellers seek to know about the different places to visit in a city or a country through your article. I try my best to portray the unique characteristics of a particular destination.

– Kuntala Banerjee

Explore with Kuntala Banerjee….

Kuntala Banerjee with her photography
Explore your travel experience with Kuntala Banerjee’s Travel Blog

Interaction in social media platforms is another major activity she had involved in her blogging journey. She is on Facebook, Instagram, TUBBR, Pinterest and Telegram. She has gained a lot of followers and readers till now. She is approaching 1000 followers on Facebook and 4000 followers on Instagram. TUBBR is also increasing to almost 700 subscribers. Organic traffic is on the rise on her blog, quite an achievement for her.

I am happy my readers are appreciating my blog. Several of my articles have been referred by my fellow bloggers and even a few news websites. Many guest authors have approached me for writing articles on my blog and I am thankful for them.

– Kuntala Banerjee

Currently, two very talented authors work along with her. Their contributions have immensely helped her blog. They are also travel-freaks like her.

Travelling across different countries of the world, they are truly exceptional. I owe my special thanks to them.

– Kuntala Banerjee

Please do visit her blog and her social media handles too. You will like reading the articles shared on the website.

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