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MPSE-008 State Politics in India (Edition 2018)


Chapter-1 Development of State Politics in India
Chapter-2 Frameworks for Analysis
Chapter-3 Nature of Indian Diversities and Nationalist Responses
Chapter-4 States in the Constitutional Scheme
Chapter-5 Development of State System
Chapter-6 Elections and Electoral Politics
Chapter-7 Political Parties and Party Systems
Chapter-8 Patterns of dissent and Protest Movements in Indian states
Chapter-9 Developmental issues and Regional Desparities
Chapter-10 Agrarian Transformation and Land Reforms
Chapter-11 Industry and Labour
Chapter-12 Globalization and Liberalization:Implications for State Politics
Chapter-13 Inter-state Disputes: Water and Territorial Boundaries
Chapter-14 Patterns of Communal Politics
Chapter-15 Assertion of Dalits and Backward Castes
Chapter-16 Linguistic and Ethnic Minorities in State Politics
Chapter-17 State Autonomy Movements in India

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