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When we sleep, we see several dreams. Sometimes it makes us happy and sometimes it arises 1000 questions in our mind, and we start finding the answers to that dream. Sometimes some people see the same dream regularly. Those dreams start bothering them and they start thinking, “What’s the reason behind that dream? Why do I see it continuously? What that dream wants to tell me? Etc.”

The story of this book revolves around a boy, Siddharth (Sid). He is in the grip of his dreams. He dreams the same dream continuously. He is always in search of the answer to that dream. He also wants to talk to others about that dream but his subconscious mind never permits him to say about that too anyone.

Break your invisible fences written by Mr. Vivek M Vijayan. He is an upcoming author and motivational speaker. He has traveled across India and visited various states and conducted numerous workshops for schools, college students, and parents. He interacts with many students and motivates them towards achieving their aim. By this book, he tried to motivate those students who want to cross their comfort zone but feel hesitant.

While reading this book you found that you came back to your school days. You feel that you are in the character of Siddharth (story’s main character). In this story, you come to know that how a hesitated boy who feels afraid from everyone comes out from its comfort zone.

Siddharth’s best friend is his subconscious mind. He shares all of his fear and everything by it. He usually preferred 2nd last bench to sit in his class because he feels hesitant and discomfort to sit in front seats of class. Nobody knows him in his school. Usually, every school student waits for a game period but Sid never feels excited by hearing the name of the games period and he never played with their classmates.

Sid never talked to anyone in his class except Kapil. Kapil understands his feelings and always be with him. they both were friends since from his class 1st. sid tried to ask some questions about his dream from his class teacher, subject teachers, elder sister, and from his parents but his subconscious mind always control him. He never shared the questions which concealed in his mind because he hesitates to ask. He didn’t want to face other’s retorts. He feels that everyone makes a joke about him.

The story takes a twist when Siddharth’s new sports teacher joins the school. He noticed Siddharth from his 1st day. We heard that a good teacher makes our life. Yesss it’s true. It is difficult to find a good teacher but once we get it then surely our life will be built up. A good teacher’s efforts make us a happy and delighted person in life.

In this story, Siddharth found a teacher who was an angel in his life. He helps him to come out of his invincible fences. Only Siddharth’s teacher knows that he is an extraordinary child. He put all efforts to make Siddharth’s life. He helped Sid to fulfill his dream. For knowing the whole story turns the pages of the book. I took one and a half-day to complete this book. It creates an interest in my mind when I was reading it.

Here author beautifully describes the steps that how Siddharth’s teacher makes his life. How he helps him to come out from his comfort zone. How he remove all the fear from sid’s life. How he makes him motivated, all things are narrated and set in a lovely format.

Through this story, we came to know that many people around us are facing the same situation in their life. Maybe those persons are available in our school, office, coaching or at our home too. They are captured by their subconscious mind or maybe by their dreams. They all need someone who pulls them out from darkness to the brightness. This book helps us to know and motivate us to help those persons.

I recommend this book to every person. But especially I want to recommend this book to those students and persons who want to find out their invincible fences. It’s an inspirational book. It inspires me a lot and I hope you will also get highly motivated by reading it. We have to be like a Siddharth’s teacher to make someone’s life.

Must read this book…. This book is released worldwide on 20th July. You can grab your copies from Amazon, Kindle, Flipkart.

Book Title: Break Your Invisible Fences – cross your comfort zone

Author: Vivek M Vijayan

Publisher: Evincepub Publishing

Reviewed By: Shivangi Yadav



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