Bollywood stars celebrate Teachers’ Day on social media
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Teachers hold a very special place in everyone’s life since they play an important part in shaping us up as a person and preparing us for the life ahead. Just like everyone, our Bollywood stars too hold great respect for their teachers. And, on the occasion of Teacher’s Day, they took to social media and expressed their gratitude for whom they consider as their gurus and mentors. Scroll and read what they had to say. 




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How does one thank a person who has helped shape their life? Words truly can never do justice to express gratitude for the role teachers play in our lives. But, I will still want to take this opportunity and thank all my gurus, luckily have a photo with one of them, when I visited my school recently, and she was still there. My favourite Physics teacher (didn’t like the subject as much as I liked her ) Radha Miss, always had this joie de vivre, positive energy and a huge smile when she entered the class… Nothing had changed. Maybe, I learnt to smile like that from her. She never held back her happiness ❤ï¸ÂðŸ˜„ In this lockdown especially seeing my son do virtual school and the patience we got to have with them, 😅 I’ve realised the value of teachers even more. They deserve all the appreciation and love we can possibly give them. Reach out to a teacher, wish them, and make them feel special today ❤ï¸Â Happy Teacher’s Day to every teacher out there, who is working on shaping minds for a better future every day. Thank you 🙏🏻 #HappyTeachersDay #Teachers #guru #gratitude #happiness #love

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