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Book:- Avyakhyaam

Author:- Ashish Kumar

Reviewed By:- Shivangi Yadav

Many writers in our present as well as in our past want to show many facts through their stories. In India, there is the gathering of peoples, of complex insights. They all consider different from each other.

We have proceeded more in our life compared to our past but there are many peoples among us mostly in rural and backward areas who still consider in black magic and ghost.

If you’re interested to know more about Black magic, Indian Mythology, etc. then here is the book By Ashish Kumar, “Avyakhyaam- The Unexplainable” Here is the interesting medley of short stories written very well in different genre and styles.

Do you know about Aghories?

As I am too much curious to know about these types of things like Aghories and all. And eventually, through this book, I get the answers to my every question.

Here the author properly defines about it that how they become aghoras, From where do the Aghora sects come at and many more…

And by reading it get this, “There are some people in the world whose destiny is to get enlightenment through the path of Aghora…..”

There are two types of people One who prays to god and one to evil. But God always wins.

Do you know what things are required for black magic?

By reading it you get to know about it. ok, How do you feel if you get to know that your acquaintance is an expert in doing black magic?

Whenever we get to know about it we all hark it with complete attention, wonder, fear, and excitement.

Have you ever speculate about why one should do black magic?

In this book, I found an answer in chapter ‘Nasha’ where an author well describes all this through a story.

How would you feel if you find ourselves different from others?

In the chapters Entanglement, Quantum Physics, Entropy, etc. based on advance science. It throws light on some peoples who are a little different from us.

In entanglement, the Author talks about two Twice brothers. Their emotions totally differ from each other as for example if one feels happy then others feel sad. Sometimes they both feel embrace from their this problem

And on another side In Entropy, Author talks about a guy whose life plays a double game with him. Even he didn’t understand what’s going on in his life. Sometimes his health remains good and other times worst. Once he tops in the exam on one subject and then he fails in his final exam in the same subject.

Does he know what will happen next? Will he get the solutions to his problem?

For knowing it turns the pages of the book.

My Reviews

I adore to read short tales. It’s my favorite one because i was searching to read and to know more about black magic, mythology, etc. from some of my past days and finally I got Ashish Sir’s book Avyakhayam. By reading its story all my queries get solved.

This book contains the short story of different genre-based on Phenoms and negative actualities that are popular in our rural area.

This tale consists of greed, rude, anger, haruspicy, revenge, Demon, black magic. In this book, some chapters like Aghori, Mythology, Jinn, snake, Yamdoot, vampire, Crow, Vastu, shadow, and many more … which creates interest while reading.

I was filled with thrill by reading it.

Here the author also throws lights on the major issues which some of us are phasing in his chapter entropy and entanglement. He also points out the pandemic and global warming and discussed its antecedents and obstruction.

The story is written in very simple language. which is easily understandable by all.

My Ratings

I like the cover of the book and the story is too awesome. Thus, here is my ratings…

For book cover:- 4.7/5

For editing and formating:- 5/5

Story and content:- 4.8/5

Overall:- 5/5

Thank you!

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