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The fake news left netizens shocked as well as Adhyayan and his father Shekhar Suman who lashed out at the news channel for its false reporting.

Adhyayan Suman REACTS to his fake death news: Why would someone write something like this? It’s shameful.

Shekhar Suman”s son Adhyayan Suman found himself caught up in a whirlwind of fake news over the weekend. It all started when a news channel falsely reported that Adhyayan died by suicide. The news left netizens shocked as well as Adhyayan’s father Shekhar Suman who lashed out at the news channel for its false reporting. Taking to Twitter, Shekhar Suman called the reporting ‘unpardonably irresponsible’ and said that he will be taking legal action. 

He tweeted, “My wife was inconsolable as they announced that Adhyayan Suman has committed suicide. Adhyayan was in Delhi.” On the other hand, Adhyayan has also reacted to the incident and called it shameful. He was spotted by the paparazzi and when asked about his fake death news, Adhyayan said, “This is a shameful thing. I was in Delhi when I started getting calls from people. Many of them started panicking and I didn’t answer quite a few calls. My mom was got a massive shock since she couldn’t believe it. I finally answered her phone. Even I’m shocked. I’m still getting phone calls.” 

An irked Adhyayan further added, “This is so wrong and why would someone write something like this about me. I’m happy with my life. How can someone speak like this about someone else’s life? They should be ashamed of themselves.” 

In a series of tweets, Shekhar Suman revealed that he has already taken legal action against the news channel. “While I’m taking legal action against them and suing them for such a reprehensible act.The media ought to be more responsible and not jeopardize ppl’s lives and destroy them for their own vested interest,” he tweeted. He also demanded a sincere apology from the channel. 

Click here to watch Adhyayan Suman’s video.

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