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Modern Breeze

Welcome to Modern Breeze where the mind is without fear and full of creativity. The Wind of Change is Here.Being grown up in a cultural and traditional based city it’s been a great challenge for us to find a best and proper online journal or blog to read as we all know that a blog has the ability to reflect the pros and cons of the traditional as well as the modern society. Now a days, there may be thousands of online journals and blogs flying over the internet but many of them either don’t have a good content to attract the young generation or they contain something false,biased or they bent their back bone over the burden of money.

Well! the problem is going to be disappeared soon.We are here to connect the missing link between the youth and modern online portal.

Modern Breeze is an Independent online portal that believes in creating stories. Stories are magical. There’s no memory without story. Creating a story becomes one of our memories. We can’t live without memories. Memory makes us stable and maintains the existence of us in the world. We help our readers to make a memorable experience with us and make them happy by creating new memories.

 Modern Breeze is an independent online portal based on Literary field, Fashion and Lifestyle, Startup Story and Entertainment. Informative articles, Reviews, Stories and Interviews are published here to get connected with all kinds of readers to grow up. Bloggers or Content writers are offered a platform to grow up along with Modern Breeze. Anyone can contribute as an Author or Columnist of this site or blog and can publish writeups. To join as a contributor of this blog or site you’re invited to send a requesting email to publish.modernbreeze@gmail.com .

You might be an artist who would like to introduce yourself and your work here or maybe you’re a business with a mission to describe. Don’t waste your time while waiting to choose an option from multiple sources. Hurry up to explore yourself with us. We’ll guide you and provide you all kinds of support.

Modern Breeze promotes books and products and it’s a one stop solution for everything related to marketing. We provide the best Plan Of Action and Strategies to market your business. We help Publisher and Authors to distribute their books across Pan India.Come and join us.

Moder Breeze also works as Event planner. We have conducted events such us Book Launch Event, Book Fair, Open-Mic, Holi Festival, Workshop, Seminar etc. We cover Pan India for the conduction of Event. Even, we are ready to work with collaboration. If you are interested to work with us in collaboration do contact us.

Modern Breeze provides Freelance PR services to clients. Client can feature write-ups on any kind of digital media with the help of us. Even, we help our clients to feature Press Release on Reputed Leading News media.

On the other hand, Modern Breeze provides consulting services to aspiring writers to get published and business owners to develop their businesses. We guide them so that we can grow with them. We help you to help ourselves.


It’s a platform where you can promote your product, your company, your book, your writeups and yourself. This online portal is generally run as an independent to provide all kinds of services related to literary field and marketing and promotional field. Our motive is to satisfy our customers. We provide the best services to our clients. If you are looking for a good marketing strategy of anything do kindly contact to us. We are ready to provide you 100% satisfied services.

What we provide-

  • Reviews for any kind of products+ Movie
  • Travel story
  • Interviews
  • Startup stories
  • Product promotion
  • Blog tour
  • Book blitz
  • Giveaways
  • Book cover reveal
  • Product marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • SEO
  • PR Services
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Backlink
  • Guest post
  • Event planning
  • Etc.

For advertisement, Do contact us.

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