Manika Sharma
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“Over my journey of 16 years as an educationist one of the most common questions I am asked is what inspired me towards entrepreneurship and every time I revisit that moment when mother inside me carved the path towards where I am today.”

Manika Sharma
Manika Sharma
Manika Sharma
Founder/Managing Director, Twig2Tree Akademia
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She clearly remembers that defining moment when first time she held her new-born son in an empty room, as they were in US so luxury of getting guided by adults was not present, it was not just that she was holding him but the fact that she was responsible for guiding a life without any guidance send chills to her bones.

She did not have any experience as a mother but one thing she was extremely confident was that she can empower herself as a mother.

“That was the day when I took my first step towards exploring various philosophies of guiding early years of a child. I started going through various studies on brain development also at the same time.”

Manika Sharma

Based on what she learned she would schedule their whole week ahead of time where visiting YMCAs, libraries, parent-child classes were regular for both of them. 

By the time he was a year old she started putting together her first business plan of starting her own parent-child classes in India.

“To ensure that this business plan was successful I knew I had to enable myself with market study, management perspective and training instructors.”

Manika Sharma

Her next two years were completely focused on this where she worked with a parent-child classes institute as well as in a Montessori school as Assistant Director in Texas.

By the time they moved back to India in 2009 she was sure that she would be setting up a company that offers parent-child classes and gives out franchises but somewhere she also wanted to have a blend where not only children but adults also have an opportunity to pursue their passions, but destiny had more in offing and she was blessed with her daughter.

Things went on hold but vision did not.

“It was in 2013 that I started our first location in Bangalore, under the name Twig2tree Akademia, where we started with parent-child classes and some after school programs as well.”

Manika Sharma

But somewhere inside her she had this deep feeling that there is something more to this understanding of hers.

After a year they added Preschool as one of the offerings at their facility as well.

Over the years, as she volunteered at various schools and colleges for meditation sessions and had opportunities to interact with various parents, she realised that there are two major missing links in our education system.

One that when parents enrol their children in a school, they believe in the teaching philosophy school is offering but they forget that a child is only in school for very limited time, unless same philosophy is applied at home, we cannot get 100% from these philosophies, this requires a parallel space of work with parents to enable them in understanding and applying the philosophies at home as well.

Second thing she found out was that over the last two decades the pace at which the brain has evolved is astounding but unfortunately educational philosophies we are swearing upon have not been able to catch up with this pace, unless we start approaching teaching with a higher state of consciousness this gap cannot be filled .

“These gaps further shaped Twig2tree and in year 2019 I started looking out to expand the team with people who were true partners in my vision of having learning centres where learning has no barrier of age, philosophy or areas of learning, where our programs have an ability to stand on foundation of our ancestral wisdom but create the structure with new insights.”

Manika Sharma

This year they have officially announced their venture opening for franchisee set up with in house created programs in varied fields and for varied ages and the journey has just begun !!!

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