A Lady Who Decides To Write Her Own Future
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Story of a person who in spite of having all the luxuries of life was never contented, was always so negative towards life, who was just complaining for her life always. But this same girl changed the course of her life when she came to know that this negativity will snatch her life because she suffered from severe migraine because of her over thinking attitude.

And she decided to write her own future.

A Lady Who Decides To Write Her Own Future
Neetu Rishi
CEO & Founder
The Success Door, LLC
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This is Neetu Rishi.

Till 2016 she was just a daughter, a wife, a mother of two and a corporate office going person but did not know her purpose of life.

In 2016 when she moved to USA from India and had to start from scratch again, she penned down her purpose of life, wrote down her skills, her improvement areas and her passions.

Started working on polishing herself and in 2019 she was ready to earn the designation- PASSIONPRENEUR, she decided to make her passion her profession.

Two sides of her passion and business are Coaching and Image Consulting, in a nutshell both means training and inspiring.

She launched her company, The Success Door, LLC where she offers various programs for youth and adults which include – Programs on Effective Communication, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, become a published author, Design and Develop Winning Routines, Goal Setting, Resume Building, Image Consulting and few more.

Neetu Rishi
Neetu Rishi
CEO & Founder
The Success Door, LLC
LinkedIn YouTube

In addition, she is also the Director for Youth Education at Dale Carnegie for the entire North Texas region.

While enhancing her skills and giving wings to her passions she wrote her first book, “A Different Monday” where she talks about how to fight with Monday blues and then launched her YouTube Channel by the name, “ Neetube” to share weekly motivational dosage.

She is also involved with various nonprofit organizations where she tries to add value by her 2 decade of experiences.

She has been able to earn some awards like Best Performance in Administration, Leadership Award, Innovation Award, Best Branch Manager Award, Best Speaker Award 15 times at Toastmasters International, Best Motivational Coach Award, Mrs. Classic Well Spoken Award, Beauty with Purpose Award and Outstanding Performance Award in Dale Carnegie Program.

She got an opportunity to be featured in multiple publications and magazines as a role model and a mentor and was invited by few channels like NTV Houston, My Dream TV and Beauty Global Network for sharing her story of success and failures.

“What I am today is all because of the blessings and support of my family and friends and surely the lessons learnt by numerous failures in life. And I am happy that in spite of all these so called achievements I have time to enjoy a cup of coffee with my husband every evening and spend time with my kids to see them growing.I just want to live a life which becomes a message for all.”

-Neetu Rishi

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  1. Your story is really inspiration for all who have dreams, but some how stucked in life, really happy for your success after giving lots of efforts, you are truly amazing person as well.

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