Talk Show With Art Norman Jr.
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Welcome to Modern Breeze. I’m Arpan Ghosh. Today, we have a special guest among us in this Talk Show. He’s the author of “Hollywood: Hollyweird” series. We are welcoming Mr. Art Norman Jr. in our Talk Show. We are very glad to have him. So, let’s start this Talk Show.

Talk Show With Art Norman Jr.
Art Norman Jr.

Well, Arthur Norman got a B.A. in Psychology from North Carolina A&T State University way back in 1993! Hold tight now as he zoomed in on a featured background role in a film called “28 Days” which was filmed in North Carolina and met the entire cast for 10 weeks pay was good, per diems and hotel rooms etc. Man those were the nineties being in your twenties and living life to the fullest. That’s where the thought of going to Hollywood became a reality! He now resides in North Carolina taking it easy…

When did you first considered yourself as a ‘Writer’?

Well back in College; I went to North Carolina A&T State University! Well we had to write a lot of essays, term papers then they had to be typed I would stay up all night to get a paper done & run across campus to turn it in by 8am! I knew I could write back then it was a gift! I graduated with a B.A. Psychology!

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What is the most surprising thing you discovered while writing your book?

The tenacity; how after wanting to write about Hollywood, CA while there (for many years) I was there for 8 & a half years but in order to have done that meant slowing down & that doesn’t occur in The Fast Lane! So once I was back at the home front relaxed & around family I wrote like a true champ; all the words just came to me like running water!

Can you share with us something about the book that isn’t in the blurb?

Well Hollywood is like a Metropolis &/or Melting Pot! There are so many different types & kinds of people there on a Daily basis that it is Mind Blowing & they all seek to be entertained!

What is the key / theme or message in the book?

Never give up; there are so many angles to life that all you have to do is adapt & survive & you will find your way!

What is the significance of your title?

Lets see I’m submitting for 2 of my books they are: ‘Hollywood: Hollyweird’ “How People Survive And Make It!” & ‘Hollywood: Hollyweird’ Part 2 “Last Ditch Effort!” Now for ‘Hollywood-Hollyweird’ Part 1 it is all about survival you have so many people there literally millions in the area of Hollywood seeking the same thing; you must be original, craft your style & make it happen! Now for ‘Hollywood: Hollyweird’ Part 2 It is the smoother angle the after; it is where you get to go on vacation & take Hollywood with you! ‘The Hollywood Mentality’ since I’d been there for 8 & a half years I sort of collected some of that Star Dust!

Are you working on anything at the present you would like to share with your readers about?

Yes, I’m working on ‘Hollywood: Hollyweird’ Part 3 “Dream Sequence!” I’m about 3/4 of the way through it! It is A Mystery Novel based in Hollywood, CA but branches out World Wide! Also at the end of ‘Hollywood: Hollyweird’ Part 2 there is a little piece of Part 3 incorporated with the; to be continued….

What message do you want to give your readers?

I’ve always come at tasks as such as business! Then when you have a audience you throw in a little hustle to make everything smooth out! Now when I was in Bodyguard mode I always stayed on point & fully aware of who I’m protecting & the area! Yet there is always the opportunity to speak freely based on who the person is & what the vibe is! Like being that your main job is protecting the vault (money) area which means everything in that locale & a celebrity rushes in to safety in a otherwise quiet area you conversate because at the time celebrities were coming to an entertainment complex every night 7days a week for 7 straight months to the top location in HOLLYWOOD, CA!

What tips you would like to give to aspiring writers?

Keep all options open be able to write about every thing first then hone your skills to specifics when it’s Showtime!

How much time did you took to complete writing this book?

Lets see for ‘Hollywood: Hollyweird’ Part 1 it took about 3 years; I took my time! But ‘Hollywood: Hollyweird’ Part 2 I wrote a little bit as it occurred! It’s more the after effect blended with ‘The Hollywood Mentality’! Very unique it took about 1 yr & a 1/2.

Who is your favourite author?

John Grisham I’ve read all of his books during the span of almost 30 years! I like the element of suspence & the pace & The Movies……………

We thank Mr. Art Norman Jr. for the enlightenment of our Talk-Show. Hope to see you again. We wish best of luck for your future.

Disclaimer: This is an interview taken through email conversation. The Credit of all answers goes to Mr. Art Norman Jr. .

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